State to state auto shipping

Customers have a variety of options for moving an automobile across state lines, including using a tow dolly or trailer, hiring a professional driver, driving the vehicle themselves, or sending it by train or aeroplane. State-to-state auto transfer is still the most practical, time-saving, easy, and cost-effective option.

The price of exporting a car to a different state

Over 1000 miles, a state-to-state auto shipment typically costs $0.70 per mile. The price of shipping an automobile to another state is influenced by a number of variables, including the distance, pick-up date, route, vehicle model, mode of transportation, time of year, season, and any available discounts. You can find comprehensive information here!

State-to-state car shipping

How long does it take to move an automobile across states?
Actually, it depends on how far the cars are being shipped. However, distances up to 200 miles typically take 1-2 days, whereas distances up to 2000 miles may take 7 days or longer. However, you must also take into account other aspects of transportation that may affect delivery time, such as the weather, roadwork, traffic, and the driver’s shift schedule.


Principal determinants of state-to-state car shipping costs:

Longer distances require the driver to travel farther and work harder when transporting an automobile between states. Due to this, the cost of shipping a car is primarily influenced by distance. Additionally, our customers typically receive a reduction on the price per mile!

Date of pickup
Because we have more possibilities if you are flexible with the automobile pick-up and drop-off dates, you are more likely to receive a fair quote. Additionally, making a reservation well in advance—say, three or four days—will guarantee the best pricing for interstate car shipment.

When delivering an automobile to another state, the carrier will use the roads and highways in that state. Auto transportation costs may be impacted by increased congestion in densely populated areas. Unfavorable weather, road work, poor road conditions, and traffic are other problems.

Transport strategy
The most affordable and industry-standard technique of moving cars from one state to another is open automobile transport. Because the shipping trailer is enclosed on all sides, enclosed auto transport offers additional protection. If your car is special, luxurious, custom, old or new, this costs more but gives you complete peace of mind.

Depending on the season, moving an automobile across states can cost a lot of money. For instance, shipping an automobile to another state around the holidays can be pricey. Additionally, this is the best deal on the market right before Christmas, so the price will be higher than you anticipate.

This is not a cause for sadness because we constantly offer our loyal clients significant savings on shipping an automobile!