What is the price of shipping a car?

If you are reading this post, it is likely that you are curious in the specific aspects that affect automobile shipping costs and how to select the best quote from brokerage firms. And we’re here to give you all the details on the procedure.

There are two main categories of features that affect the price of shipping an automobile: The best factors as well as additional factors

Cost of car shipping
Best ways to reduce the cost of shipping a car:

Delivery distance

This is one of the factors that affects the price of transporting an automobile the most. For routes under 250 miles and beyond 1,000 miles, the average cost to ship an automobile is $2.5 per mile, according to our figures. Depending on the variables we’ll discuss below, the typical auto transport cost can range from $400 to $1,500.

Route separation

The last quotes’ average price
250 or fewer miles $375
250 to 1,000 kilometres
$1,150 for more than 1000 kilometres
vehicle type
It is obvious that exporting a vehicle will cost less money than shipping hard equipment like bulldozers, etc. Prices vary depending on the type of vehicle you wish to export.

The most recent pricing for our car quotes are displayed here:

Vehicle type The last quotes’ average price (between 250-1000 miles)
$560 \sRV`s $720
ATV`s $620
Golf buggies $520
CUVs and SUVs $650
Heavy equipment $820

Additionally, you can pick between enclosed and open transport for your cargo; obviously, shipping your car in an enclosed container will cost more, but so will making the reservation.

The cost of fuel
High fuel prices make it more expensive for shippers to operate their businesses, which might be passed on to the consumer. Because of the rise in gasoline prices, the average cost of shipping cars climbed by 9% over the previous year in 2022.

Extra Factors:
Vehicle size and condition
Your car’s weight, height, and dimensions can affect how much it will cost to move. Ground clearance is another factor that might be considered. Cars with lower ground clearance cost more to ship because they are more difficult to pick up and deliver.

Your car will be cheaper to freight if it can brake, steer, and roll on its own. Shipping inoperable vehicles that must be forklifted or winched onto the truck is more expensive.

Locations of pickup and destination
Rural areas incur higher shipping costs than urban places do. Additionally, shipping to a port is less expensive than choosing door-to-door delivery. But keep in mind that we always include door-to-door service in our estimates!

Some suggestions for reducing the cost of motor transport
There are certain ways to reduce the price of shipping an automobile, but they require time and are beneficial to your budget.

Reserve sooner: If you publish your contract early, you will have more options to pick from because more providers will be willing to bid on it.

Door-to-door transportation is a convenient function, but it is more expensive. Drop off and pick up at a shipping terminal: Exactly.

Pick open shipping: As is common knowledge, open shipping is substantially less expensive than enclosed shipping. Choose open auto transportation if your car isn’t an antique, classic, custom, or premium vehicle.

Check out the discounts that the firms that transport vehicles offer. Seasonal or specific customer discounts are provided by some carriers. If you place a purchase through our website, we will give you a 5% discount!

Is it worthwhile to ship a car?
Yes and no, is our response. The distance travelled and the kind of vehicle used determine the response.

Shipping an automobile is worthwhile if you are travelling over vast distances, such as more than 500 miles. It’s because you won’t have to pay for petrol or increase your vehicle’s mileage. Of course, while we transport your car, you will also be focused on your other business.

If you want to safeguard a classic automobile or luxury vehicle from road debris during a shorter relocation, using a professional auto shipping firm may make sense.

Overall, a number of the factors we stated above affect the price of vehicle transportation. We make every effort to simplify the car shipping process for you. Obtain an estimate for any type of auto transport service from our website to receive a 5% discount.