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Auto Transportation

How it works

Get an estimate and place your order

You will receive a customised car shipping price from one of our Auto Transport Coordinators after completing the form with all relevant vehicle information, including the kind of vehicle, precise pick-up and delivery locations, transport type, and preferred timewindow. Through the link in your email, you may make a reservation online, or you can get in touch with one of our experienced coordinators.

We'll pick up your car

Your car will be picked up by one of our reliable drivers at the time that suits you best once you've made arrangements with our auto transport coordinator. Your car shipment process will be updated regularly by the appropriate coordinator. We'll carry you in safety, so relax!

You get your vehicle

A few hours before they arrive at the drop-off spot, the auto transport carrier will let you know. To ensure that you are available to accept, they will give you a few hours notice. Simply suggest someone you are familiar with if you aren't even available. So, after our excursion is over, you will retrieve your car and be pleased with the courteous treatment. Very with us, shipping an automobile is so simple!

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The Data Speaks for Itself

Our goal is to make car shipping as simple as possible for our clients. We have a group of knowledgeable and committed vehicle transport specialists available to help you with your needs whenever you need them.

You’ll get satisfaction when you transport your car with SG AUTO TRANSPORT!

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Frequently Asked Question About Car Shipping

The cost depends on a number of variables:

- Your car's year, make, and model

- Type of vehicle (SUV, Sedan, Pickup truck, ATV,    Motorcycle, Boat, Van, Heavy equipment, etc.)

- Automobile condition (operable or inoperable)

Locations for pickup and delivery, the date of pickup, and transportation choices (open or enclosed)

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Unless you are shipping expedited, your pickup window typically lasts 5 business days and begins on the first pickup date that is available. Your transit time does not include this. Auto transit time is the estimated number of days needed to transport a car, and it mostly depends on the distance being travelled. Other elements, including the weather or mechanical issues, could change the anticipated auto transit time. You can also expedite your transportation and reduce your costs if you meet your driver in or close to a big city if your pickup or delivery location is in a rural area. However, we also offer transportation services from door to door.

Yes, your car is completely insured while shipping against any damage brought on by the carrier or a malfunction of the carrier's equipment.

The insurance provided by the carrier does not cover personal things. During normal inspections, an Auto Carrier may be penalised and have your possessions seized.

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration has authorised SG to provide auto shipping services. We have access to all states in the US as a fully insured, bonded, and licenced business.


Fill out the form to receive a free quote, and one of our auto transport coordinators will contact you to provide more specific information. You can select a time window that meets your needs.